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Susanne Rhow

New York Real Estate Expert

Susanne Rhow

Local & Global Clientele

Susanne Rhow

Lux Interiors, Design, Art

Susanne Rhow

Professional, Experienced, Responsive

Susanne Rhow

We are committed to upholding the principles of all applicable fair housing laws

Meet Susanne

She has sold tens of millions of dollars of Manhattan real estate for U.S and international clients. She has transacted multi-million dollar deals on the East Side, West Side, and downtown, from the most discerning cooperatives to new developments and townhouses. She also helps investors complete complex transactions under tight IRS 1031 deadlines.


Work With Susanne

Highly personable yet discreet, Susanne inspires trust and confidence in all her clients. They value her professionalism, superior client service, and her negotiation skills.

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